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Business Info:

austin78704 is a Service Mark of:

William K.(Bill) Groll, Owner
P.O.Box 57103
Albuquerque, NM 87187-7115

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Sorry to have to ask you to visually decode my address from the following image and manually type it, but the spam robots have gotten too smart.


Payment options:
Send a check or money order payable to William K. Groll to the address above.  Or enquire for other options, such as PayPal. Thanks.

Note: All services are subject to NM Gross Receipts Tax by law.


Terms & Conditions (the Fine Print)

  1. All services are subject to NM Gross Receipts Tax, since the primary workplace is located in New Mexico. Hourly labor is billed by the minute, after a 5 minute per work-request minimum charge. A deposit is required of all new customers, prior to commencement of the project. All prices are quoted and to be paid in U. S. funds, net 15 days from date of invoice. A balance due that is unpaid after 60 days is subject to a late fee. The late fee will be the larger of either 2.5% of the outstanding balance or $2.50 per invoice period. An invoice period will be not less than 30 days. A banner, graphic or text message will be placed on all web sites linking back to or This will be done in a tasteful manner, usually at the bottom of the main page or navigation menu, and annotated so as to indicate that the site was designed and/or is maintained by austin78704. Photos and/or artwork provided by the client remain their intellectual property and retain their original copyright. Similarly, artwork created by austin78704 directly derived from client's artwork shall be considered covered under the clients' copyright. Original artwork, web elements (such as navigation buttons, backgrounds, dividers, etc.), icons, layouts, styles, formats, page presentations, etc. created by austin78704 are copyrighted by austin78704 and shall be considered the intellectual property of austin78704 and Bill Groll, unless prior arrangements have been made. A copyright notice may be added to all print work, primarily posters.
  2. Domain Name registrations are billed in advance. Unless notified in advance, all domain name registrations will automatically renew.
  3. Hosting Services are billed in advance.
  4. Unless specifically requested by the client, site and/or artwork designed by austin78704 may be used to promote, including, but not limited to, a link from this site and/or reproduction of graphic or artwork.
  5. These Terms & Conditions may be modified without notice. Please, check back. Active clients will be notified of any major modifications, however... we are not out to get you.

    T&C updated on January 7, 2022